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Prevent hair loss and maintain healthy hair growth, with a hair supplement that works from the root cause.

Hair loss affects over 50% of women by the age of 40, and this increases to around 65% by the age of 50. Without a cure for hair loss, it’s an issue that’s not about to go away any time soon.

However, despite there not being a cure, hair loss can be treated, to a certain extent. Preventing further hair fall, maintaining healthy hair, and promoting thicker hair growth, can be achieved with a limited range treatments on the market, with one of those being HR23+ hair supplement.

What is HR23+?

HR23+ is a multi-macro extract hair supplement that is designed to reduce excess hair shedding, as well as support and maintain the function of healthy hair growth in men and women experiencing early stages of baldness and thinning hair. HR23+ contains 23 key ingredients that work from the root cause of hair loss.

HR23+ hair supplement

Originally developed in the US in 2014, and then brought to market in 2015, this winning supplement is now developed and formulated in the United Kingdom, and has since gone on to become one of the leading hair supplements on the entire market.

HR23+ is an over-the-counter, non-prescription supplement, that offers users a safe and effective alternative hair loss treatment to the harsh, chemically based, prescription drugs.

HR23+ is not FDA approved as a treatment for baldness, however, it does come with a 91% female user satisfaction rating, ranking it as the best hair growth supplements on the market.

How does HR23+ work?

HR23+ is a proprietary blend of herbal, mineral, extract and vitamin components. The ingredients in this supplement cater for the production of tyrosine, which is essential for the maintenance of the cells for hair follicles. They also help build capillaries and improve the blood flow to the scalp, thus stimulating the growth of hair.

HR23+ also helps form lecithin, which helps build and maintain healthy hair cells. This supplement works to increase the effectiveness of inositol to help protect hair follicle membranes, and the combination of biotin and saw palmetto can help reduce the pattern of excess shedding, and increase the rate of healthy, stronger, hair growth.

Ingredients that work from the root cause.

HR23+ contains essential B vitamins (biotin, folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid) that are primarily responsible for the development of hair cell growth. Ginkgo biloba works in conjunction with the B vitamins to help generate hair growth by providing more nutrients to the hair follicles. The addition of pumpkin seed oil contains a unique amino that may be responsible for hair growth. It also contains vitamin C that also plays a crucial role in hair growth.

The addition of saw palmetto (250mg daily dose) may block 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT (the cause of baldness). Nettle leaf extract and green tea extract can also work in conjunction with each other to help stump excess hair shedding.

HR23+ combines a key blend of hair growth promoters and antiandrogens for optimal results.

How effective is HR23+ for treating hair loss?

HR23+ is one of the most well received hair care products in the market. The 2021 user feedback survey showed that 91% of female users noticed visible improvements in their hair from using HR23+. Around 60% of women saw improvements in their hair within just 12 weeks, but over 30% of users noticed results in just 2-3 weeks.

HR23+ is mostly effective for slowing down and halting hair loss, but many users have also experienced thicker, faster hair growth from using the supplement. In some cases, with long-term, continued use, new hair growth was visible. Less than 10% of users did not see any change in their hair from using HR23+.

HR23+ is not a cure for hair loss, but, if tackled during its infant stages, it can help prevent and stump hair loss in men and women. The supplement has proved to be slightly more effective for women than for men, with 87% of male users noticing visible improvements in their hair.

What to expect from using HR23+

If you suffer from early stages of thinning hair, then you should expect some significant improvements in your strands from using HR23+.

Hair shedding should slow down within the first few weeks of use. Then, further down the line, the falling of hair may even stop completely. You can measure this by the amount of strands you see on your hairbrush, right after brushing your hair.

With continuous use of HR23+, you should also experience stronger, thicker hair texture, and a much faster rate of hair growth. You may also experience hair regrowth, albeit on a small scale, usually occurring on the frontal hairline, centre parting area, and along the crown region of the scalp.

What hair loss types does HR23+ treat?

HR23+ can treat the majority of hair loss types, and is safe to do so. HR23+ can be used by women who are experiencing early stages of androgenic alopecia, but patients suffering from more advanced stages may need to see a specialist for more advanced treatments.

HR23+ is also ideal for treating menopausal hair loss, as well as seasonal shedding, and even stress-related hair loss. HR23+ can be used for treating post pregnancy hair loss, however, as a precaution, the supplement should not be used when breastfeeding.

All-in-all, HR23+ is considered to be a safe supplement that can provide a viable solution for various hair loss types in both men and women.

Stop hair loss with HR23+

What are the side-effects?

HR23+ is a safe, naturally formulated multivitamin supplement that is free from any major negative side-effects. All ingredients are pharmaceutical grade quality and processed under stringent quality control standards. HR23+ capsules are naturally formulated and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. This is not a drug, and does not contain any chemicals or harsh additives.

A very small minority of users report mild stomach discomfort in the first days of use, but this can be countered by taking the capsules with food. Some users also experience urine colour discolouration, but this is perfectly normal, and not harmful.

HR23+ is considered to be a safe and effective solution for hair loss, but as a precaution, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid using the supplement.

There’s a serum, too

If you’re not overly comfortable taking supplements, then HR23+ also has a topical hair growth serum. Although, according to user feedback, not quite as effective as the supplement, this safe, topical solution can still deliver excellent results. The supplement and serum can also be taken together.

HR23+ Scalp Therapy Serum combines Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF) with 42 key ingredients, to help stimulate hair follicles, for thicker, stronger, and healthier hair growth. This formula can also help maintain the natural colour of the hair.

KGF is an active ingredient that can help promote the function of healthy hair growth by utilising the nutrients that contain prebiotics, polysaccharides and antioxidants to protect the cells that make hair. KGF is an important endogenous mediator of hair follicle growth, development, and differentiation.

HR23+ Scalp Therapy Serum

This serum is an ideal alternative to harsh, medical treatments like minoxidil, and although it’s safe to use, as a precaution, the serum should not be used by women who are pregnant, or breastfeeding.


Many industry experts are tipping HR23+ to be the market leader in the hair loss treatments industry. This potent yet safe multi-vitamin hair supplement is rapidly growing in popularity, with an unsurpassed 9 out of 10 user satisfaction rating.

HR23+ is an advanced capsule designed to help prevent the pattern of baldness and promote the formation of healthy hair growth, using 23 tried and tested hair beneficiary ingredients. This is a safe supplement with no reported major side-effects from users. The general consensus about this product is very good, indeed.

Although quite expensive, HR23+ can be purchased at discounted rates. For what it is, and for what it can do for the hair, overall, this product offers excellent value for money.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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