Adegen Hair Loss Treatments Review

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adegen hair loss treatments review

What are Adegen hair loss treatments, and do they work?

By Alexandra Worthing 

Having suffered from hair loss for over 15 years, I am always on the lookout for treatments that could potentially help with my problem. And with my eyes open, recently, I happened to stumble across the hair loss treatment range, Adegen – an American brand that is owned and run by a gentleman named John Goss – and it got me curious, so I investigated, further.

What is Adegen?

Adegen is a range of hair products that claim to reverse the effects of baldness and thinning hair in men and women. The range of products includes a shampoo, a topical solution, a scalp massaging brush, and a derma roller. There is also an eBook and a very private Facebook group associated with this brand.

I’ve got to admit, the eBook and Facebook group got my alarm bells ringing, but I wouldn’t judge a brand of this nature until I’ve had a closer look at it. So, let’s delve deeper into the Adegen range, and try to find out how effective these products can be for treating baldness and thinning hair.

Cleanse Restore Protect arb Shampoo 

Adegen actually claims this to be “the world’s best shampoo” for protecting against baldness and the thinning of hair. According to Adegen’s founder, John Goss, he himself spent over $50,000 of his own money testing and analysing different shampoos in laboratories under mass spectrometry to determine their level of active ingredients.

adegen shampoo review

I’ve had a good look at the ingredients of this shampoo, and it does not seem to contain any revolutionary ingredients that would suggest it can help reverse hair loss or even minimise thinning hair, in any capacity.

It would appear that the claims made on this shampoo are highly exaggerated. There is nothing about this shampoo that makes it effective for treating hair loss. It just comes across as a standard, everyday shampoo that you can find in most supermarkets and pharmacy stores.

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I saw the price of this shampoo. At $69.95 per bottle, I am in utter shock. For the size of the product, and the ingredients used, a shampoo of this nature should not be worth anything more than $12.00.

Regrow Renew Repair arb Topical Solution-5

Next up we have the topical solution, which again, the brand makes far-fetched claims about. Having inspected this liquid, I was surprised to see that it is just another Minoxidil product, with the addition of Biotin, Niacin and Caffeine. These types of topical solutions are ten a penny, and pretty standard, if truth be told. This product certainly isn’t revolutionary.

Minoxidil is a medically approved topical treatment for baldness. It is sold under many brand names, with the most well known one being Regaine (or Rogaine in the USA). The Adegen solution would not offer you better results than any other brand of Minoxidil, and so, again, I am astonished by the price tag of $69.95, for this product.

You can purchase the near exact same product under a cheaper brand like Kirkland, for a fraction of this price. A bottle of minoxidil, under the Kirkland brand, for example, sells for less than one third of the price of the Adegen version.

adegen topical solution review

I’m not exactly sure why anyone would pay three times the normal price for a bottle of minoxidil. It’s absolutely ludicrous! At this point, I am quickly losing trust in this brand.

If you’re looking to try Minoxidil, then you would be far better off buying a cheaper brand, because any results you may have, will be exactly the same. Be warned, though, because although Minoxidil is FDA approved, it is NOT a cure for hair loss. Results tend to be very minimal, and negative side effects can occur, so caution is advised.

The Scalp Massaging Shower Brush

Ok, I’ll be honest, after a bad start, the wheels really are starting to come off, now. This next product really does insult our intelligence! I nearly choked on my cereal bar when I saw what Adegen were charging for their SM Brush. $19.95 for a small piece of plastic???  They cannot be serious, can they?!  

adegen brush review

Mr. Adegen himself, John Goss, claims that, by using the Adegen SM Brush, you are stimulating the scalp and increasing critical circulation while simultaneously removing dandruff, pore-clogging sebum, and increasing the absorption of Adegen Shampoo’s active ingredients to the hair follicle.

While it is true that regular scalp massaging can indeed help with hair growth, it’s unlikely that this particular brush will give such superior results than your standard scalp massaging shower brush, which you can purchase for under $5.00 on Amazon.

I will admit, I use a scalp massaging shower brush, but there’s absolutely no way on earth that I would even consider spending four times the price on this Adegen brush. It just makes absolutely no sense! Goss must pluck his pricing from thin air! 

The Derma Roller 

Micro needling has been a popular practice for hair regrowth for quite some time now. It has been shown to work well in conjunction with topical treatments like minoxidil and keratinocyte growth factor (KGF). Adegen’s derma roller is just one of many that you can purchase on the market, but the only difference is… yep, you’ve guess it… the price!

adegen derma roller review

Adegen claims that the needle depth and configuration of their derma roller is unique, and that it is more effective than any other on the market. I get the sense that Goss is highly exaggerating this, because it should be noted that there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Adegen’s derma roller will offer you better results than any other derma roller on the market, despite what Goss tells you.

You can purchase a derma roller for under $10.00 on places like Amazon. Adegen are charging $69.95 for theirs. It’s beyond belief, really. With Adegen, I’m seeing a reoccurring pattern emerging, here – release a bunch of products that are already used, decorate them with some fancy science in order to make them “unique”, and then sell them for 3-4 times higher than they should be.

Who is John Goss?

As stated, John Goss is the owner of the Adegen brand. He seems to be more of a salesman than an actual expert in hair loss. Goss has a old fashioned style of marketing his products – he gives us a long-winded story about his personal experience with hair loss. You know how it goes – the challenges with hair loss, the depression, the daily struggle, etc., and then he tries to hook you in with his sales pitch. 

So, we’re taken through his process of developing these treatments for hair loss, after years of research and financial spend, which really is just a bunch of words, strung together with the sole purpose of making sales. At this point, John Goss really does just comes across as a salesman.

Goss’s eBook, Hair Loss Secrets, is just another very long-winded pitch, eventually leading to the promotion of the Adegen range. It offers nothing new about the hair loss sector. It’s just his way of putting you off hair supplements and finasteride, and drawing you into his product range.  

There is nothing in the Adegen range that could convince me to spend that sort of money. This range does not revolutionise the hair loss treatment sector, and it does not offer anything more effective than any other shampoo, minoxidil, derma roller, or scalp massaging shower brush on the market.

Oh, and I should add that John Goss had had a hair transplant. Make of that what you will…

How effective are Adegen hair loss treatments?

In short, no. Adegen products will in no way, shape or form, perform any sort of hair loss reversal, or a great deal of hair growth promotion. You can find these sorts of products under different brand names for a fraction of the price, so don’t go wasting you money on this particular range.

Adegen products are way overpriced, and they will not stop hair loss or reverse it. That’s the simple fact of the matter. Do not be lured in by the brand and it’s ridiculously far fetched claims.

If the Adegen range of products were priced fairly, then it would be a more respected brand, but the extortionate prices, and highly exaggerated claims, make this a brand that you should really look to avoid at all costs.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 1/5

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  1. oabdulgani

    Horrible range. This guy, John Goss, has been ripping people off for years, if people want to waste their money on this rubbish, then more fool them!

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