TRX2® Molecular Food Supplement Review

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Is TRX2 effective for treating hair loss in women?

Over 50% of women will experience some form of hair loss by the age of 40, and up to 65% will experience hair fall by the age of 50. Naturally, this statistic is enough to cause alarm.

The hair loss treatment sector is worth billions, and without a cure for baldness, we are seeing a wide range of products and treatments flooding into the market. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these products do not work.

The most common forms of hair loss treatments are topical solutions and herbal supplements. One of the more well known hair supplements on the market is TRX2. Established in 2011, TRX2 claims to help prevent hair loss in men and women suffering from the effects of baldness and thinning hair. TRX2 is not FDA approved, but positions itself as a treatment for hair loss.

What is TRX2 Molecular Hair Growth Supplement?

TRX2 is a dietary supplement that was developed in Oxford BioLabs, United Kingdom, but is manufactured and distributed from Germany.  The company claims that TRX2 can reverse the effects of hair loss by “maintaining the membrane potential of hair follicles, stimulating the de novo synthesis of potassium channels, restoring potassium channel activity/functionality, and hyperpolarising hair follicles.”

CEO and Founder, Thomas Whitfield, has a PHD in Biochemistry. Whitefield set out to create a supplement that could be the closest thing to a cure for baldness. It should be noted that there have been no independent clinical trials on this product.

Oxford BioLabs has a history of breaking Trading Standard regulations, and it was forced to change much of their content in their advertising, due to giving illegal and insufficient claims about the product, TRX2.

TRX2 has now been on the market for over a decade, selling to customers all over the world. So, the obvious question is; How effective is TRX2 for treating hair loss?

The ingredients

The key to any supplement, regardless of what it is made for, is in the ingredients. TRX2 claim to have a formula that can prevent hair loss and encourage normal hair growth.

So, let’s take a closer look at its ingredients in order to conclude whether this supplement can genuinely treat hair loss in women (and men).

TRX2 product label

TRX2 contains eight active ingredients which are: Carnipure Tartrate, Potassium Chloride, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, Niacin, Zinc, and Vitamin B7.

Although some of its ingredients, such as Niacin, Zinc, and Vitamin B7, can benefit the hair, there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of actually treating hair loss to a high level. The formula seems to lack the depth of ingredients that some of its competitors have.

Oxford BioLabs claims the supplement works by reactivating and stimulating potassium ion channels in hair follicles, whilst providing additional nutrients to help hair grow. Potassium channels are protein structures found in many cells of the human body. They help vital nutrients cross cell membranes.

Studies have indicated that opening potassium channels plays a key role in the stimulation of hair growth, but there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that consuming potassium could play any kind of role in reversing baldness.

Based on the potassium channels theory, what Oxford BioLabs have effectively done is pack their supplement with potassium. You could even argue that TRX2, which sells for around £60 a bottle (one month supply), is nothing more than a potassium supplement.

Trichologist and hair loss expert, David Griffiths, tried and reviewed TRX2 back in 2016. He said of the product “As a brand, TRX2 says all the right things, and positions itself as some revolutionary hair loss treatment, but on paper, this product looks nothing more than your standard potassium supplement.”

Griffiths goes on to say “If you’re expecting to see some great results from using TRX2, then you’ll be disappointed, because there is nothing about this product to suggest that it can treat hair loss on any level. You would be seriously better off substituting it with a potassium supplement, alongside a multivitamin. The effects would be the same, but you would be paying around 10 times less.”


Does TRX2 have negative side-effects?

Apart from mild stomach discomfort, there are no reported negative side-effects from using TRX2. This product is not a medical treatment, and it does not contain any harmful ingredients.

Although TRX2 is safe to take, as a precaution, you should speak to your doctor before taking any supplements that you are unfamiliar with.

TRX2 User Reviews

TRX2 is not the most well reviewed hair supplement on the market. The reviews on Amazon average at a lowly 2.4 stars, and the reviews across reviewer sites comes to a disappointing 2.2 stars.  It is unclear what percentage of the reviews are genuine, but TRX2 is not well received on various hair loss forums and communities, with many users left disappointed by the product.

34 year old, Joanna Morrison, used TRX2 for nearly a year, and this is what she had to say about the product: “My hair started thinning as I hit my late 20s, getting progressively worse after I turned 30. It was concerning me, so I decided to seek treatments. I wanted to avoid medical treatments, so I came across TRX2, and decided to give it a try.”

Morrison went on to say “Despite never seeing any improvements in my hair, I decided to stick with TRX2 for at least a one year period, to give it a fair try. To my disappointment, I did not experience any changes in my hair from using TRX2. My hair continued to get thinner, and fall out. They told me that results vary from person to person, but that wasn’t any use to me. I wasted a lot of money, for nothing.”

It should be noted that TRX2 has also had some positive reviews from male and female users, so perhaps it can improve the hair to some extent, but certainly not to the level that the company promises.

TRX2 price and where to buy

The standard price for a bottle of TRX2 Molecular Hair Growth Supplement is around £60 (70 Euro, or $80). One bottle will last four weeks.  However, TRX2 can be purchased at a slightly lower price with multi-pack deals.

Is TRX2 fairly priced? Based on its ingredients and effectiveness, TRX2 is definitely overpriced. £60 for just a one month supply is extortionate. This is around 10 times more expensive than it should be.

The product is shipped worldwide, including to countries: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and selected European countries.

Is there a better alternative to TRX2?

The market is packed with multivitamin hair supplements, and many of them offer a good alternative to TRX2. The best multivitamin hair supplements, like Viviscal and HR23+, are lower in price than TRX2, and they also contain a richer blend of ingredients for optimal hair health.

Viviscal and HR23+

To date, more clinical studies are needed in order to show the true effects of what hair vitamins and supplements do for the hair, however, multivitamin hair supplements have shown they can promote hair growth, prevent hair loss, and improve other facets of healthy hair, such as dryness, shine, and density.

Also, when poor hair health and thinning hair is caused by nutrient deficiencies, taking multivitamin hair supplements may improve hair quality and density.

If you’re looking to tackle hair loss, both safely and effectively, then a strong multivitamin hair supplement, like HR23+, can help prevent excessive hair shedding, maintain normal hair growth, and can even promote the healthy function of hair regrowth.

What’s more, an established multivitamin hair supplement will cost you a lot less than TRX2, and it will give you more for your hair.


TRX2 is not a cure for baldness, and nor does it claim to be, however, it can help with hair health, to a certain extent. Does TRX2 have the potential to slow down the effects of hair thinning and promote new hair growth? For what the supplement is, it is very unlikely. The results are likely to be minimal, if at all.

This hair supplement needs to be taken on a regular basis, and you should not expect to see any sort of visible results until 5-6 months of continuous use. This product was designed for men and women experiencing early stages of hair loss, but it may not necessarily work for everyone. Results will vary from person to person.

Does TRX2 offer good value for your money? There is nothing in this formula to suggest it can treat hair loss at any advanced level, therefore it is to our conclusion that TRX2 is vastly overpriced.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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