Pumpkin Seed for Hair Growth: Can Pumpkin Seed Promote Hair Growth?

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It is commonly known that pumpkin seed can have huge benefits on the hair. Be it in oil or extract form, pumpkin seed has even been found to reduce hair fall, and promote hair growth.

Are pumpkin seeds good for hair growth?

Being an excellent source of vitamins A, B6 and C, pumpkin seeds are hugely beneficial for hair growth, and even hair regrowth. In addition, the seeds contain beneficial nutrients like zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron. Perhaps most important to those suffering from excessive shedding, is that the seeds contain cucurbitin – a unique amino that may be responsible for pumpkin seeds’ effects on hair growth.

Does pumpkin seed promote hair growth?

Topical serums and lotions have with a base of Pumpkin Seed Oil, have been found to be excellent promoters of hair growth. With the addition of zinc and magnesium, which are two essential minerals for hair and skin care, such a remedy can thicken hair, and speed its growth. Many of the top hair serums on the market use a generous dose of pumpkin seed oil.

Can pumpkin seed prevent hair loss?

Pumpkin oil has been shown to help prevent excessive hair shedding, and even halt hair loss, in some cases. Pumpkin seed can be used to reduce temporary and more long term hair loss types, like seasonal hair loss, or androgenic alopecia, for example. Pumpkin seeds have anti-inflammatory properties and reduce inflammation in the scalp.

What forms of pumpkin seed can you take?

Pumpkin seeds can be eaten it their original form, they can be consumed orally through a tablet/capsule, or it they be applied to the scalp via a topical serum/oil. The most popular, and effective, form of pumpkin seed for hair health, is the extract, which is taken via supplement.

Does pumpkin seed work better for women?

There has been no conclusive studies to suggest that pumpkin seed, as a treatment for hair loss, is more effective for men or women. Many women, as well as men, have experienced excellent improvements in their hair from taking pumpkin seed oil or pumpkin seed extract.


Pumpkin seed will not cure hair loss, but it can help prevent it and promote healthy hair growth. Pumpkin seed can be taken on its own, but it is far likelier to work when taken and mixed with other additives like Vitamin C, Saw Palmetto, and Zinc, as part of a good multivitamin hair supplement.

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