How To Stop Hair Loss Naturally

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How I stopped hair loss and regrew my hair, both safely and naturally, without medications or harsh chemicals.

By Lucy Stephenson

Like any woman, I always took immense pride in my hair. From a young age, my hair became my identity, and my true source of joy. My hair was always full, thick and luscious throughout my 20s, and I would always get friends and family complimenting my locks.

Then, as I went into my 30s, I started noticing changes in my hair. I was starting to shed a lot more strands than usual, and the overall texture of my hair didn’t seem as full as it used to be. At this stage, I was starting to get quite concerned.

What was causing my hair loss?

By process of elimination, I looked up common reasons for hair loss in women, in order to help me identify what was causing my hair to fall out.

A common reason for thinning hair in women is postpartum hair loss, but I do not have children, so any type of hair loss associated with pregnancy was out of the question.

I wondered if the excessive hair shedding could have been down to seasonal hair loss, but my hair was falling out all-year-round, so that wouldn’t really explain the issue.

Having matched the symptoms, and spoken to my trichologist, it was confirmed that I was actually suffering from androgenic alopecia, or more commonly known as female pattern baldness. I knew it existed, but I had no idea it was so common in women, particularly after the age of 30. Around half of women experience hair loss by the age of 40.

Treatments for my hair loss

With no cure for hair loss, it was always going to be a tough task treating the issue. But, being a determined person by nature, I decided to seek help, and try my best to find a good treatment plan that could at least reduce the amount of shedding.

After trying a bunch of shampoos and topical serums that were prescribed to me by my trichologist, I saw no visible improvements in my hair whatsoever. I tried hair products from Champoo and INA, but they did very little for my hair loss.

Trichologists tend to know a thing or two about hair loss, but remember, they make money from recommending products and treatments, so don’t go by everything they tell you. Keep your eyes open, and be sure to research the market and the treatments on offer.

I also tried minoxidil (Regaine) topical foam, but all that seemed to do was cause even more hair shedding, so I put a stop to that after about six weeks. If I’m honest, I was keen to avoid using medications, so dropping minoxidil was always going to be likely.

How I stopped hair loss

By this point, hair loss was really getting on top of me, mentally and emotionally, but, I wasn’t about to give up just yet. I looked into some treatment options online, and spoke to fellow hair loss sufferers on an online hair care forum.

hair loss treatment for women before and after

Having considered more advanced treatments such as PRP therapy, and Low-Laser-Light Therapy, I wanted to at least try some non-surgical options that are more affordable, and potentially just as effective.

So, I opted for the “natural” three-step-solution, which seems to be such a craze with many women experiencing the devastating effects of thinning hair. The three-step-solution is pretty simple, really – it’s a set of three products that are used in conjunction with each other, daily. They are:

  • Oral Supplement
  • Topical Serum
  • Shampoo

Find a good hair supplement was always going to a tricky task, mainly because there are so many of them on the market. There are literally thousands of hair supplements out there, so it was a case of finding a good one that could help reduce hair loss and promote hair growth.

Having considered Viviscal, I eventually settled on HR23+. HR23+ is the leading non-medical hair supplement on the market, with a particularly high success rate in female users. The reviews are impressive, and it’s absolutely safe to take, so I decided to give it a try.

I also happened to discover keratinocyte growth factor (KGF), which comes in a topical serum form. The synthetic version is a non-medical solution for many issues, including hair loss. I decided to try the KGF Serum, alongside HR23+ hair supplement.

And finally, what every hair care routine needs is a good shampoo. One that lathers well, is gentle on the locks, and one that leaves the hair feeling and looking thicker.

I opted for the highly-rated OGX Biotin & Collagen shampoo. The whole OGX range is terrific, but this shampoo in their line is particularly impressive. Now, it should be noted that shampoos do not treat hair loss, but they can have huge benefits on the hair. I find that this shampoo, alongside Nizoral (ketoconazole), works well for my hair.

I know Nizoral shampoo is technically a medication, but its risk of side-effects are much less than minoxidil, and I only use it once a week. I find it works well with the rest of the products I am using in my treatment plan.

The results

I have been on this treatment plan for about three years, and I couldn’t really be much more delighted with the results. I have noticed vast improvements in the volume, thickness and texture of my hair, as well as a marked reduction in hair fall and shedding.

I take HR23+ hair supplement daily (3-4 capsules a day), and I apply the KGF Serum about four times a week, right before I go to bed. I find that this combination alone has helped with my hair loss.

I use the Biotin & Collagen shampoo about three times a week. I think it’s important not to shampoo your hair too often, particularly during seasonal shedding phases.

I have not experienced any negative side-effects from this treatment plan. My confidence has grown, and I feel like my hair is now at a point where I can be proud of it again, with a big smile on my face. I can look forward to my 40s with hope, happiness, and better hair.

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