Does Exercise Cause Hair Loss?

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Does regular exercising lead to excessive hair shedding and thinning hair?

There’s been much talk within the hair loss community about what effects regular exercising can have on the hair. It has even been suggested that an overactive lifestyle can lead to hair loss.

So, to clear this matter up, let’s investigate the subject further…

There’s no doubt about it; leading an active lifestyle, with plenty of exercise and good food, can only benefit your body and mind. Living an active lifestyle, in the right way, is a healthy way of living, but it doesn’t come completely without its downfalls.

Regular exercising does not cause the hair to fall out, however, additional aspects of an active lifestyle can cause the hair to thin and fall out. For example, exercising without addressing nutritional needs can lead to rapid baldness and thinning hair.

How does exercise cause hair loss?

Do not be alarmed, because exercise can actually prevent the effects of thinning hair, and is generally a good thing for the whole body. As mentioned, exercise alone will not cause the hair to fall out. It’s not so much the sport or exercise that leads to balding, because being active actually boosts general health as well as circulation.

Doing regular workouts in the gym or outdoors can damage your strands, but these types of physical activities will not cause genetic forms of alopecia. Constantly damaging your hair through physical activity will have negative long-term effects if you are already prone to suffer from hair fall and thinning.

For women, in particular, the stress on the strands from hair being tied up, can cause the hair to get damaged, which is not ideal if you already have thinly textured hair.

Excess sweating and dehydration from long distance running and HIIT training, can lead to severe hair damage and breakage. Hair fall from physical activities are self-inflicted and not genetic, therefore it can be prevented with a good hair care plan.

Granted, self inflicted hair loss is usually temporary, but if you do not have a good hair care routine to counter it, then the thinning can be a longer term problem.

How to prevent hair loss caused by exercise?

Your hair is no different to any other part of your body, and if you look after it properly, it will thrive. Eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, with a good workout plan, and getting plenty of rest and sleep for recovery, are factors that will actually benefit your locks.

For most women, we cannot get all the vital minerals and vitamins in our daily diet – it’s just not possible, and that is why supplements are so important, and regularly advised to take by doctors.

Multivitamin hair supplements provide you with all the vital nutrients needed to help prevent the rate of hair fall and increase the phase of strong, healthy hair growth. They are excellent at countering hair loss, and particularly useful for women who lead active lifestyles.

General tips to counter hair loss

Salty build-up on the scalp can cause hair to shed or just break and get dull and dry. This can be controlled by washing hair with a shampoo that is mild and pH-balanced, at least once a week.

Moisturising protein conditioners are also beneficial in helping strengthen hair strands. Also limit your use of hot hair styling devices such as curling irons, hair straighteners, and blow driers that damage hair.

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