Best Multivitamin Supplements for Preventing Hair loss in Women

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By David Bruce from the HLS Hair Clinic.

Hair loss affects over half of women by middle age, and this figure rises further, by the age of 60. Without a cure for hair loss, this is an issue that isn’t about to go away any time soon.

But despite there not being a cure, all isn’t complete doom and gloom, because there are some treatments that can help slow down, and even halt the process of hair shedding. I see many women at my clinic every year, all looking for ways to prevent hair loss, and stimulate hair growth, and for some, particularly the more advanced hair loss sufferers, the task of finding an effective treatment is difficult.

But, for patients who suffer from early stages of hair loss, the chances of finding an effective treatment are actually quite high. As I always say to my patients, treating hair loss can be quite a long and complicated process. Results vary from person to person, from treatment to treatment, therefore, I always recommend a trial and error phase.

One of the most popular choices of treatment for hair loss among women, is multivitamin supplements. The best multivitamin supplements combine antiandrogens with hair growth promoting agents, which in turn, can help reduce hair fall, and support healthy hair growth.

Not all multivitamin supplements are effective, but there are a select few that work.

What Are The Best Multivitamin Hair Supplements? 

As far as multivitamin supplements go, I usually recommend one of two to three products. I have narrowed my recommendations to a select few which I believe are the most effective on the market.

The best multivitamin supplements that I recommend to my patients, in order of effectiveness, are; HR23+, Viviscal (Viviscal Man, for men), and TRX2.

It should be noted that all three brands are safe, natural, and act as a healthier alternative to the potentially harsh medical prescription drugs. Multivitamin supplements are great, because, by taking them, you will not ever need to compromise on your health and wellbeing.

Here is the list of multivitamin hair supplements that I recommend to my patients.

1. HR23+ Hair Restoration Supplement

HR23+ is a naturally formulated multivitamin supplement that contains 23 key active ingredients that combine to help prevent excessive hair shedding, and support the function of healthy hair growth in men and women who suffer from early stages of baldness.

Brought to market in 2015, HR23+ has since gone on to become the leading hair product of its kind on the market. HR23+ not only helps stop hair loss, but it has also shown to promote hair regrowth, both in men and women. It is the most favourably reviewed supplement on this list.

91% of women have been satisfied with the results, seeing visible improvements in their hair, and have re-ordered it as an ongoing treatment. HR23+ an be taken for common female hair loss types, such as postpartum hair loss, menopausal hair loss, seasonal shedding, and female pattern baldness.

Expect to pay in the region of £50 for one bottle (one month supply), but you can get it much cheaper if you purchase HR23+ in multi-packs, from various online sellers.

How effective is HR23+ for stopping hair loss in women? 

HR23+ has shown to stop hair loss and promote hair growth. This highly potent multivitamin supplement contains a key blend of antiandrogens that work in conjunction with hair growth promoters, to help slow down and prevent hair loss, while supporting the growth and regrowth of hair.

Users should be realistic about taking any product of this nature, because it is not FDA approved, and results will vary from person to person.  Many of my patients have reported a slowing down of hair loss, and thickening of hair, particularly in female users.

Some users have even reported some areas of hair regrowth, in and around the frontal hairline, and in the crown region of the scalp. The majority of my patients noticed significant improvements in their hair within around three months of using HR23+, but some users see results much sooner.  Only 5% of my female patients said they noticed little change in their hair from using HR23+.

2. VIVISCAL Woman Advance Hair Vitamins

Viviscal‘s Hair Growth Supplements for Women are scientifically formulated with the exclusive marine complex AminoMarTM which helps to nourish thinning hair and promotes existing healthy hair growth.* Only Viviscal supplements include AmminoMarTM (450 mg per serving).

Much like HR23+, Viviscal has proved to be a good treatment for hair loss, with many women pleased with the improvements they’ve seen in their hair from using the supplement.

Around 7 out of 10 users who I recommended this supplement to (72% women and 62% men) have been satisfied with the results, and have re-ordered it as an ongoing treatment. Viviscal also has the benefit of being safe and free from any negative side-effects.

Expect to pay in the region of £40 for one bottle (one month supply), but you can get it cheaper if you purchase it in multi-packs, from various online sellers.

How effective is VIVISCAL for treating hair loss? 

Viviscal is not FDA approved, but it can still be an effective treatment for thinning hair.  It can nourish the strands and help promote stronger hair growth.

Viviscal, along with HR23+, are the only multi-vitamin hair supplements that I currently recommend to my patients. I used to recommend a host of other multivitamin hair supplements, but I found Viviscal and HR23+ to have the best success rate among their users.

Again, users should be realistic when taking Viviscal, but, with continuous use for a minimum period of three months, there is every chance you will see significant improvements in your hair. Some users have even reported some areas of hair regrowth, but this is rare, and minimal, at best.

72% of my female patients noticed significant improvements in their hair within 8-12 weeks of using Viviscal, however, this was below the success rate of HR23+ (91%). About 25% of my female patients who have used Viviscal reported seeing no real change in their hair.

3. VIVISCAL Man Advance Hair Vitamins

Viviscal’s Hair Growth Supplements for Men is a popular Hair Growth Programme. This supplement contains vital hair beneficiary ingredients Zinc and marine proteins. It helps maintain the growth of normal, healthy hair, particularly in men.

Both Viviscal supplements have been on the market for some time, and they have gone on to become a market leader, particularly the women’s line. Viviscal, much like HR23+, can not only help stop hair loss, but it has also promote healthy hair growth, both in men and women.

4. TRX2 Hair Molecular Supplement 

TRX2 is a food supplement is designed to help men and women maintain normal, healthy hair. It consists entirely of a blend of natural, hair growth promoting ingredients such as powerful amino acids and vitamins (potassium, biotin and L-carnitine).

Despite it having a high repurchase rate, there has been no sufficient evidence to suggest that users of TRX2 have experienced any real improvements in their hair.

I used to recommend my patients to TRX2, but I have since stopped doing so. None of my patients, both male or female, noticed any significant results from using TRX2. The majority of these patients converted to either HR23+ or Viviscal, and have since noticed considerably better results. 

TRX2 is by far the most expensive supplement of the ones mentioned in this article, at around £58 per bottle (one month supply), although that price can be lowered slightly when purchased in multi-packs.

For its price, and how its users have rated it, it’s a big risk to take. I would put this supplement as the weakest of the four. I would only recommend it for patients who are unable to take HR23+ or Viviscal, for reasons like allergies, or potassium deficiencies.


As a professional who has worked in the hair loss sector for over ten years, I would have no hesitation in recommending HR23+, or both Viviscal products, to my patients who suffer from early stages of baldness and thinning hair. Based on the experiences of my patients, and feedback it received, these are, by far, the most effective multivitamin hair supplements on the market.  

It should be noted that results will vary from person to person. Different products have varying results, and unless a product is specifically approved as a treatment for hair loss, it is impossible to recommend a product that will 100% work. 

If you are experiencing excessive hair shedding, then multivitamin supplements could well be the solution for you.

HR23+ hair growth supplement for Hair Loss

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