Anti Hair Loss Shampoo with Saw Palmetto, Biotin & Ketoconazole

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HR23+® Presents a Potent Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Put a stop to thinning hair with a newly developed anti hair loss shampoo that tackles the problem at the root cause. Designed to help reduce thinning hair, and promote healthy hair growth, the Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, by HR23+®, adds an extra dimension to your hair care plan.

HR23+® are one of the leading hair care brands in the world, and it seems, at least, that they are only capable of producing the very best hair products. So, with this newly developed shampoo on its way, what should we expect from this latest addition to their armoury of hair loss treatments?

The company’s representative, Omar Gani, says “We’ve wanted to add a shampoo to our range for quite some time now, but we didn’t just want to release another generic formula. We only produce products that actually work, and we believe, in this new product, that we’ve produced an anti hair loss shampoo that will be superior to any of its kind on the market.” 

It should be noted that there is no sufficient evidence that shampoos can treat hair loss, however, they can help reduce thinning, and boost the volume of strands, particularly when used with other treatments as part of a good hair care plan.

If you’re familiar with HR23+®, then you will know about their best selling hair restoration supplement, as well as their scalp therapy serum, containing keratinocyte growth factor. Both products are market leaders in the non-medical hair loss treatment sector. 

This newly developed shampoo will sit alongside the supplement and serum.

What is the shampoo and how does it work?

HR23+® Anti Hair Loss Shampoo contains a potent blend of ketoconazole (the main ingredients used in Nizoral shampoo), saw palmetto and biotin, along with a host of other hair beneficiary ingredients, that work together to help reduce excessive shedding, and promote the function of normal hair growth. 

Several studies have shown that ketoconazole can help slow the effects of androgenic alopecia (male and female pattern baldness), and even stimulate hair growth and hair regrowth. Ketoconazole is primarily used to treat dandruff, but has shown promising effects in treating hair fall. 

This newly developed shampoo will integrate ketoconazole with saw palmetto – a powerful antiandrogen that helps stump the loss of hair – and the B7 vitamin, biotin, which is known to promote hair, skin and nail growth. Biotin also works particularly well when used/taken with saw palmetto.

What to expect from using HR23+® Anti Hair Loss Shampoo:

  • Reduction of excessive shedding
  • Thicker, stronger appearance of hair
  • Hair regrowth (in some cases)

This new shampoo is safe, free from negative side-effects, and is compatible with HR23+® Hair Restoration Supplement, and HR23+ Scalp Therapy Serum. Its formula stays consistent with the supplement and serum, which should make it even more effective for reducing hair loss. 

It is important to remember that, despite hair loss being a demoralising condition to experience, most cases are temporary, and therefore are easier to treat.

Androgenic alopecia, or more commonly known as female pattern baldness, is not curable, but can be treated, to a certain extent. However, hair loss conditions caused by post pregnancy, menopause, and stress, are usually temporary, and therefore are easier to treat.

If you are experiencing hair loss, then a shampoo of this nature can only have a positive effect on your hair. As mentioned, it can act as a potent side-kick to other treatments within a good hair care plan.

HR23+® Anti Hair Loss Shampoo is currently in its latter stages of development, and it will soon be available to purchase. Sign up for updates about this product, and be the first to know when it is available to order.

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