Reasons We Lose So Much Hair in October

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Reasons we lose hair in October

Are you losing more hair than normal in the month of October? Here’s why…

As many people already know, autumn is the most common season for hair shedding. Seasonal hair loss tends to peak in mid autumn, around the month of October, and that’s why so many people experience excessive hair fall during this time of the year.

To put it technically, during autumn season, the telogen phases are more frequent, which results in more hair falling out. The hair falls out more frequently after the intensive sun radiation during summer. As a protection mechanism for the scalp, more hair roots switch from the growth phase to the resting phase.

Beginning in October, the scalp begins to shed about four times faster. Whereas you may normally only notice loose strands every few days, it is normal for hair shedding in fall to be an everyday occurrence.

Fortunately, for most people, this shedding phase is perfectly normal, and temporary, but that’s not always the case. Seasonal hair loss can be a nightmare for people who are already prone to hair loss, which is why it is still important to treat the issue.

Only riboflavin, biotin, folate, and vitamin B12 deficiencies have been associated with hair loss, so adding these into your daily intake, could prove to be hugely beneficial for your locks.

Other causes of hair loss in October

Seasonal hair loss is not the only cause of hair loss during the autumn months, and October in particular. Here are some other common causes of hair loss during the month of October…

Sudden change in temperatures

As September (and the end of summer) passes, October tends to drop in temperature quite quickly, as we notice that crisp chill in the air. It’s also a time when many of us start turning on the central heating, so, we have a situation whereby it is cold outside, and warm inside.

As we go from the outside chill into the cosy indoors, these rapid changes in temperatures can actually be harmful to the hair, causing it to shed.

Excess sweating

It is often thought that summer is the season when most of us sweat, but, due to the sudden changes in temperatures, as explained in the pervious point, our bodies often seat excessively. Sweating is not great for the hair, especially, if you are already prone to hair loss. Excess sweating can lead to damaged hair, breakage, and even shedding.

Stress levels

Stress alone can cause hair loss, and not many people realise it. October, for some reason, tends to be the month when stress occurs the most. This could be down to the fact that summer (the happy season) has just passed, and with the nights getting shorter, and the weather getting colder, many people just tend to feel more stressed and down about life.

How To Stop Hair Loss in October?

Seasonal hair loss is temporary, and so once autumn season has passed, the hair enters its strongest growth phase during the winter months (mid December to early March). Getting through the autumn shedding season can be tough, but bear in mind that your main aim should be to limit the amount of hair you are losing, rather than trying to stop the shedding completely.

Taking a good multivitamin extract supplement like HR23+ will help reduce the hair fall and increase the rate and volume of hair growth. Cutting back on heat based hairstyling devices like hairdryers and hair straighteners, will also help reduce the risk damaged hair and excessive shedding.

Be sure to eat well, get plenty of exercise, as this will help you to destress.

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